Man Peeling the SmartPeel Nova Ceiling Tile


Introducing SmartPeel NOVA Ceiling Tiles; a five-layer recyclable ceiling tile that will revolutionize the way you maintain a contamination-free work environment. NOVA SmartPeel Ceiling tiles save time, money, and provide a new ceiling tile instantly with every layer. 


SmartPeel Ceiling Tiles

Cleaning ceilings is not a simple task, but at NOVA Ceilings, we make it easy. Using the NOVA SmartPeel Ceiling Tiles, you can have a contaminate-free surface in just 15 seconds. Just peel away one of the five layers to reveal a new, clean ceiling tile. Our product is recyclable, eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, reduces airborne particulates, and has received a fire rating of F1/Class A. The NOVA SmartPeel Ceiling Tiles decrease labor time and costs, reducing the time spent cleaning each tile from 15 minutes to 15 seconds. Each layer can go longer between cleaning than your traditional tile. Maintenance costs also decrease, both for the price of maintenance employees, professional cleaning services, and chemical costs.

Key Features

  • Certified as recyclable
  • Increases lighting
  • F1/Class A fire rating
  • Excellent moisture barrier
  • Excellent heat tolerance
  • Inherent anti-static properties
  • Excellent barrier to gases and aromas
  • Excellent barrier to oils and greases
  • Airborn particulate reduction

Suggested Environments

  • Commercial kitchens
  • Industrial food processing
  • Clean room application
  • Medical manufacturing
  • Hospitals
  • Surgical rooms
  • Laboratory environment
  • Paint booth applications

Fire Rating

In independent test labs, SmartPeel NOVA Ceiling Tiles achieved an F1/Class A fire rating, which is the highest achievable rating using these testing standards.

ASTEM E84 Test Results:

  • Flame Spread Index of 0
  • Smoke Developed Index of 40

Interek Fire And Smoke Reports:

Product Info

Increases Lighting

The installation of SmartPeel NOVA Ceiling Tiles immediately enhances the performance of your existing lighting system. By design, the SmartPeel NOVA Ceiling Tile features a 95% reflectivity rate and results in a significant increase of reflective light.

Nova Ceilings Cost Savings over 10 Cleaning Cycles

Financial Impact

The financial impact of installing SmartPeel Ceiling Tiles only grows with time. The cost savings over the life of the SmartPeel Ceiling Tiles are dynamic, increasing with every cleaning cycle.*

*Chart reflects the cost to maintain an average commercial kitchen ceiling size of 872 sq ft based upon national averages.

Nova Ceilings Time Saved Cleaning

Labor Reduction

As shown in the illustration above, an individual can quickly peel a SmartPeel Ceiling Tiles layer away to reveal a contamination free surface in only 15 seconds per tile. Each SmartPeel Ceiling Tile replaces five periodic cleanings over the life of the application. With SmartPeel Ceiling Tiles applied in a typical work environment, it is recommended to peel a clean layer every three months. Higher volume work areas may require a higher frequency maintenance schedule.

Nova Ceilings Maintenance Cost Savings

Maintenance Savings

When compared to traditional cleaning methods and professional cleaning services, SmartPeel Ceiling Tiles cost savings is nearly 50% less than a maintenance employee, and 75% less than professional cleaning service.*

*Based on national wage averages, cleaning services and chemical costs.