3 Ways NOVA SmartPeel Ceiling Tiles can Save you Money

Spending money isn’t always the most fun thing to do. Unless it’s on a beach vacation, some fancy new shoes, buying a sports car, you get the point. What if we told you that we could SAVE you money but also make your work environment BETTER. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not! Find out how our NOVA SmartPeel Ceiling Tiles can save you money below.

  1. Reduced Labor
    Our ceiling tiles are made with a five-layer recyclable material that takes just 15 seconds to peel away one of the layers and reveal a new, clean ceiling tile. While the average time spent cleaning one regular tile is 15 minutes, you’ll dramatically save time by using our SmartPeel tiles. There are 86,400 seconds in a day, so 15 seconds is basically nothing! Since replacing a new ceiling tile takes no time or equipment, you’ll be able to spend less money on cleaning supplies and more time running your successful business.

  2. Less Maintenance
    There’s no need for traditional cleaning methods and professional cleaning services with our SmartPeel tiles. A maintenance employee on average costs $0.50 per sq. foot and professional cleaning services on average costs $0.80.* Our SmartPeel tiles cost only $0.30! That’s a savings of nearly 50 percent less than a maintenance employee and 75 percent less than a professional cleaning service.

  3. Increases Lighting
    After installing your SmartPeel tile your existing lighting system dramatically increases. Due to the design of the tiles, it has a 95 percent reflectivity rate and results in a significant increase of reflective light. With such a high reflectively rate you won’t spend as much money buying and replacing high wattage light bulbs.

Still think it sounds too good to be true? It’s actually pretty simple, we can help you save money because our SmartPeel tiles reduce labor and maintenance and increase lighting.

You want to save money, we can help you do just that. Contact us today at 308.784.5500 or email sengberg@novaceilings.com for your free consultation.

*(Based on national wage averages, cleaning services, and chemical costs). 

We recently rebranded from Industrial Skins to Nova Ceilings, to learn more about the change check out the blog “Industrial Skins is now Nova Ceilings.

NOVA Ceilings produces five-layer NOVA SmartPeel ceiling tiles for industries requiring clean ceilings such as medical spaces, manufacturing facilities, labs, commercial kitchens, and other clean room environments. Our products are easy and convenient to use, taking just 15 seconds to peel off and reveal a new, contaminate-free surface. Our products are safe, recyclable, eliminate the use of harsh chemicals for cleaning, and save you time and money by reducing labor and maintenance costs over the long term.

I agreed to test the NOVA SmartPeel Ceiling Tile application on one tile and compare it to another tile next to it. Even attaching the SmartPeel Ceiling Tile made a big difference in appearance, as the application is bright, white, and shiny so that tile looked cleaner already. Two months later, without any cleaning of either tile, it was clear that the SmartPeel Ceiling Tile did not have as much grease and dust as the tile with no application. It was clear to me after the test to attach the SmartPeel Ceiling Tile to all my food service, bakery and dish room tiles.

Tally Mertes - Hy-Vee, Inc.

We were pleased to be one of the pilot restaurants that assisted in the final testing of the SmartPeel Ceiling Tile. Your professional team came in and installed the product, routinely followed up on a timely basis, and listened closely to our feedback. At first, I was a bit skeptical as to how the tile would hold up. However, I have been more than pleased with the results. Not only have we reduced the amount of labor and chemicals needed to clean our ceiling tile, the tiles have lasted longer than we expected. The product was easy to install, and we immediately got the added benefit of a brighter kitchen environment. 

Lee A. Faaborg - Wendy's, Grand Island, NE

It's no longer a chore to get our staff to clean the tiles, in fact, most of them thought it was quite fun and it took little effort to get the job done. And as you said, the ceiling looked brand new after the peel. The fact that chemicals no longer have to be used and we are saving money in the process makes the NOVA SmartPeel Ceiling Tiles one of the best new tools we have at our hospital.

Robert G. Cunningham - Good Samaritan Hospital

After being installed nearly 8 months ago, the SmartPeel Ceiling Tiles still look terrific with the first layer. I am a big supporter of this product as it is obvious to me it saves money and time in cleaning and replacement tiles, plus, improves the look of our service area ceiling above the ovens. This product improves the look of our stores to our customers, and I am convinced they also save franchisees money in the long run. 

Mike Campbell - Subway Restaurants

We invented our NOVA SmartPeel Ceiling Tiles with three things in mind: Cleanliness, safety, and environmental friendliness. We believe that being innovative doesn’t mean having to sacrifice other things. Find out how our SmartPeel tiles are changing the industry below.